Enerzia Electrical Design and Consultancy

We provides necessary technical expertise for design and consultancy for the modern power systems. Our services include electrical design and analysis for substation, power generation and plant protection for project builders and other industrial houses.

Our drawings and calculations are supported with best available software’s like Etap 7.0, AutoCAD 9.0,etc.

Scope of Services

  • Design of Outdoor AIS substation.
  • Load flow studies.
  • Short circuit calculations for new and existing systems.
  • Study of transients generated on various types of motor starting.
  • Unit protection settings and calculations.
  • Design of Harmonic filters and capacitors banks for reactive compensation.
  • Sizing calculations for Transformers.
  • CT / VT Calculations.
  • Sizing of MV/LV Cables and all necessary routings.
  • Substation grounding systems.
  • Design of Lightning protections.
  • Indoor and outdoor yard lighting requirements.
  • Power and Control cable schedule.
  • Equipment earthing design layout.
  • Battery sizing.
  • Preparation of PERT / CPM / Q.A.P for Project Monitoring.
  • Retrofitting of existing Schemes, reengineering work,drawing discussions and approval etc.